NeuroAiD™ is a natural product combining several active ingredients including nine herbal extracts in the form of capsules. It addresses a worldwide medical gap in post-stroke recovery. Its pharmacological properties combined to a rehabilitation program offers new hopes to patients who had no other choice than to cope with their disabilities over the long-term.

Its multi-ingredient composition gives NeuroAiD™ a multimodal mechanism of action enhancing the natural brain self-repair process by stimulating

  • Neuroplasticity
  • Neurogenesis
  • Angiogenesis

These properties give the possibility to repair the damaged areas to regain cognitive and functional capabilities.

R&D on NeuroAiD™ is very active. Over 30 scientific papers have been published since 2009 including pharmacological studies assessing the multiple properties of the product and the translation of its potential into clinical efficacy through randomised clinical trials.

This extensive research gives a strong international recognition to NeuroAiD™. In addition to post-stroke recovery, recent data has shown promising results to address conditions such as cognitive decline and traumatic brain injuries with NeuroAiD™. The research is still ongoing to develop demonstrating the potential of the formulation but also by identifying the most active ingredients.

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  • Babatunde Adebayo says:

    Hello, I will like to know the cost of the NeuroAid.

  • Yomi lawal says:

    How much is a month supply?

  • Edward says:

    My dad has been suffering from stroke since 2009 and its deteriorating by the day. I would like to inquire if NeuroAid can help him recover from this stroke thing.