Immiflex® is a natural product derivative of beta glucan found in the cell wall of Baker’s yeast – A Strain of (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae). The specificity of the isolate and the patented refinement process, offer a resounding biological activity which results in therapeutic edge over other beta glucans.

Immiflex® is clinically proven to safely prime the immune system to sustain health and wellness in the presence of numerous health challenges. Immiflex® is also clinically proven to protect (the body) against the harmful effects of stress

Indication and Usage of Immiflex

  • Offsetting the debilitating effects of stress
  • Reduction of the impact of FLU
  • Breaking frequent attacks of malaria and typhoid
  • Supporting HIV positive patients
  • Reversing effects of immuno compromise
  • Combating exhaustion from lots of exercise and duties (Burnout syndrome)
  • Stabilising immune system that is challenged by lifestyles
  • Enhancing the bio-defence in cancer patients (adjunct)

Mechanism of Immiflex action

  • Taken orally, ImmiFlex® is taken up into the body via the Peyer’s Patches in the intestines.
  • Immune cells called macrophages containing ImmiFlex® travel to the immune organs throughout the body.
  • Macrophages break down ImmiFlex® into smaller fragments that bind to neutrophils, the most abundant immune cell in the body. 4. Neutrophils more quickly recognize and kill foreign challenges.

Medical advantages of Immiflex

  • Immune Support
  • Health & Wellness
  • Energy & Vitality
  • Stress Protection


  • Adult Capsules ImmiFlex® x 30s
  • 250mg b-Glucan ( >= 80% derived S. Cerevisiae)
  • 25μg Vitamin D3 prep (500%) RDA*

Statistically Significant clinical studies have consistently demonstrated that daily use of ImmiFlex®

  • Improves overall physical, mental and psycho-health
  • Reduces upper respiratory tract infection symptoms
  • Reduces the harmful effects of stress on the body
  • Reduces symptoms associated with flu/cold & catarrh
  • Promotes vigor, mental clarity and alertness
  • Reduces fatigue and overall susceptibilities to illness


Immflex is generally remembered for;

General Immunity: Strengthens key immune cells that are your body’s first responders

Cold & Flu:Helps avoid downtime by reducing severity & duration of symptoms

Stress Protection: Helps you stay well while coping with high levels of stress

Health & Wellness: Clinically proven to enhance the immune system to promote health and wellness

Vitality: Maintain higher energy levels and experience less fatigue when you take ImmiFlex® during periods of high stress.

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