Our Story

We’ve been in Business

since 1984

Bolar is a Nigerian Pharmaceutical Company engaged in the Marketing, Importation, and Distribution of pharmaceutical and Ortho clinical diagnosis.

About Us

In 1990, Bolar commenced distribution and wholesaling activities and a year later commenced importation of Zeneca and other pharmaceutical products. We have in the past been importers and distributors for GSK, Zeneca, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Sanofi, Jansen Cilag and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products.

Over the years we have evolved into marketing prescription, and OTC products, including herbal/phytomedicines in the Nigerian market. We either represent international companies, or develop our own brands.

Bolar also has a unique position in Nigeria in providing consulting services in Regulatory Affairs for several companies. We help in product registration, liaison with NAFDAC and other regulatory agencies, and obtaining approvals for controlled substances. We also can provide scientific offices for various companies.

Our Specialties


We deal with marketing and distribution of branded and generic pharmaceuticals


These includes nutraceuticals, Herbals, Natural formulations


This involves marketing of innovative functional and health ingredients to other companies

Consulting Services

We provide professional services and advise in the areas of regulatory affairs, as well as other specialized areas.

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