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Our Vision

Our long term strategy is to be a prime sales and marketing company focused on the Nigerian market and developing international brands.

Our Objective

To expand and strengthen its marketing and promotion expertise and capabilities in the Nigerian market and focus on selected brands of ethical pharmaceuticals.

Bolar Pharmaceuticals

Established in 1984

Bolar is a leading Nigerian pharmaceutical company established in 1984, but started operations in 1986, with a retail pharmacy. Over the years Bolar has represented several multinational companies in marketing and distribution.

Our Mission

Provide excellent healthcare services to our customers through provision of high quality products and services all over Nigeria

To be the leading solutions professional organization providing healthcare services in Africa

Research, develop and acquire science and technology that will improve the health and well being of our customers

Hire, train and develop people who are the leading edge professionals in the industry

Our Products

NeuroAid, Hepantivir, Drepanostat, Edotide, Vitabiotics Range, Immiflex & Hunza.

Our products have been known to cure several ailments such as stroke, cancer while tremendously improving the life conditions of affected individuals

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Our Services

With over 25 years experience, we take pride in delivering outstanding services to all our customers

Supplies and Contracts

Bolar is a well known and trusted supplier to several government and private organisations and have built up a reputation over the years.


Bolar has a depot in Lagos and we distribute all over the country and we have a network of wholesale customers in all regions of the country

Wellness Clubs

Wellness Clubs is a group of a Maximum 15-20 people who have a common interest of improving their health status and preventing illness and disease through information.